Scented candle Sara

Energizing scented candle Sara
Luxurious vegan scented candle with energizing scent

This scented candle from SPA of ICELAND is made from soy and vegan paraffin and has a refreshing scent of red fruit, freesia, roses and sandalwood. The burning time of the candle is approximately 37 hours and the candle filament is lead-free.

155 gr $46.00
Key ingredients
50% Soy wax & 50 Vegan paraffin
Lead free wicks
Red fruit Citrus & Sandalwood
List of ingredients

Vegan certified

The Certified Vegan Logo is a registered trademark, for products that do not contain animal products or by-products and that have not been tested on animals

Natural ingredients

The Spa of Iceland products always contain 95% natural ingredients, which confirm that all the products contain ingredients directly from nature. Spa of Iceland is in harmony with naturet.


Designed in Iceland.

About Product

Luxurious Spa of Iceland vegan Sented Candle with Energizing sent from Citrus, Red fruit Musk & Sandalwood
Named after Sara - Sweet as can be and sharp as a whip

SPA of ICELAND products are all VEGAN certified

The V-mark is an internationally recognised, registered sign confirming that the products are not tested on animals and all ingredients and products are derived from vegetable origin